I remember the day I learned that my child is prone to seizures.
The first time he convulsed, he was only six months old, and began seizing right in my arms. As you can imagine, I could not sleep for months after this experience.

Doctors explained that fevers may bring about Bogdan's seizures. I wanted to know Bogdan's temperature and worried about his vital signs all the time.

During Bogdan's peaceful naps, I would find myself questioning if the quiet meant he was no longer breathing.

I would try to banish my fears by coming by to check his breathing - but this would only help for so long - a short while later I felt I needed to make sure again.

The story of creating LoveyQ

is an example of the way any parent will do what it takes to create the best life for their family.

We believe that LoveyQ can help improve the lives of many other families worldwide.

To calm my anxiety I needed two things.
We knew there must be a better solution.
We felt I should be able to see the full picture of our son's health, any time - whether he was asleep or active.
Then I could stop constantly worrying and enjoy my life as a parent.

We spent months trying different smart cameras, thermometers, and baby monitors on the market - but found they were either too inaccurate, inconvenient, or unreliable - and did not make our worries go away.

We tried to get creative by using several devices at the same time to get a complete and accurate picture of our son's health - but some of the devices were made for iPhone and others for Android, making it quite hard. Besides, the gadgets available were often worn on a baby's hand or leg, which Bogdan must have found quite uncomfortable, because he would constantly try to remove them.
First, I needed to have something that would reliably warn me if Bogdan's temperature began to rise.
Second, I needed an easy way
to accurately measure his vitals signs - even when we are asleep.
Oksana Nishtun - Founder of LoveyQ
If you are a parent looking for peace of mind - we are happy to share Lovey-Q - the best monitor to track your child's well-being:
— Heart rate
— Temperature
— Breathing rate
— Cough detection
— Sleep tracking
— Baby cry alerting
Hospitals continuously monitor vital signs accurately and reliably - and promptly alert nursing staff when needed.

We needed to combine their technology with ergonomic design to make the monitor comfortable for our son, and a user-friendly interface to make it convenient for us to use.

We had connections to several people who were already developing devices for medical companies - and we decided to ask for their help making the device we dreamed up.

While searching for our perfect solution, we came across many other families going through the same struggle.
We believe that Lovey-Q can bring you confidence, freedom and peace of mind. Because parenting should be all about joy.
We envision that Lovey-Q may evolve into more than a monitor - we believe it is the first big step towards personalized preventative medicine for children.
We made Lovey-Q with no shortcuts, because it was designed with our own son in mind. That's how we know that we offer the highest quality product that your family deserves.
Imagine a smart device that monitors your child's emotional and physical well-being continuously and reliably so that you always know exactly what is happening with his health indicators, minute by minute and able to seek medical help right on time.
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LoveyQ is not a medical device.
"Prevent" means you have to monitor data from the device and seek medical assistance in the event of abnormal physical readings.
"Control" means you have to monitor data from the device and follow your doctor's advice on drug administration to your child.
"Predict" (under development) means you have to wear the device over a significant enough period of time to collect biometric data for machine learning algorithms.
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